Advice on choosing the appropriate floor decor

The atmosphere in space largely depends on the chosen décor and colour combination. Lighter shades of white or grey will be more suitable for small or dark rooms. But if such a colour choice seems too cold for you, our advice is to use light brown shades that will bring warmth to space. Please, take a look at existing furniture as well as your personal style of decoration when choosing floor decor. EGGER’s range of laminate flooring decorations will give you exactly what you want.

Glass blocks in a space where beauty and functionality dwell together…

Traditional installation is carried out using cement binders such as white cement, plastic spacers, stainless steel rods and coupling tape. The use of stainless steel rods in vertical and horizontal directions, mounted within each joint, provides greater stability and mechanical resistance to the wall. To make the installation of glass blocks faster and easier, SEVES offers plastic spacers that create equal spacing and joints.

Discover how to express your creativity using light, space, colour and transparency in an elegant, refined and timeless style. Glass blocks are a natural solution to preserving privacy without sacrificing natural light. The SEVES glass block collection allows the architecture to be experienced through light, colour, movement and space.

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